Mom’s Birthday Brunch

This weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday as a family.

My sister was hosting and making the main course, so I offered to bring a salad. I had found a zucchini ribbon salad on Pinterest and really wanted to try it out.  Unfortunately, the ribbons weren’t as easy to make as the Proud Italian Cook made them sound…

I used a vegetable peeler for the ribbons, but it was hard to make them even.  Apparently, the trick is to start on one side of the zucchini and peel straight down repeatedly until the seeds are visible.  THEN, rotate it and do another side.

I added pine nuts and feta to the arugula base and grilled zucchini ribbons.  It would have been good without the feta too (to be completely lactose-free/vegan), but my family really likes cheese, and it was easy for me to avoid the feta once everyone started digging in.

My family is really great about making sure the menu at any family party is “Kristin friendly.”  My sister made caprese baked egg cups from How Sweet It Is, but could easily leave the mozzarella and the heavy cream out of mine.

See mine there without the mozz?

We did put a little Lactaid milk over the top to replace the heavy cream…

But otherwise you wouldn’t have known the difference!

My other sister just bought a food dehydrator and brought some vegan cookies she made with dehydrated fruit.

Maybe my pseudo-vegan  dietary habits are wearing off on her?  Actually, I’m pretty sure I saw her eating the rest of the mozzarella that didn’t make it in the egg cups.

Happy birthday, Mom!

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